I'm currently on an indefinite semi-hiatus so I won't be taking any gif hunt, family template or icon requests (unless I state otherwise).

See my 'What I Do' page for more details. :)
On Semi-Hiatus
Formerly theindian-rph
Hi, I'm Jas, I'll be using the beautiful Sonam Kapoor as my mascot to help you with your roleplaying needs! I specialize in Indian face claims, but I'll do my best to help you with any face claims in general.
Helping since September 2012

The Ultimate Reading List: Below the cut is a long list of books that have been recommended by Tumblr users, the internet, and myself. 

Feel free to reblog the list, bold/strike through the books that you have already read and of course, enjoy reading them!



* * *

Special thanks to westeroswriter, alice-allosaurus, fiftyshadesofindigo, lostgirlrph, love-helps, prettyfulwishes and mammal-that-cares for their suggestions!

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to contact me and they’ll be added to the list.

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      (For some strange I reason I couldn’t reblog the actual list so I pasted it down here!) Books Little Women - Louisa M....
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