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Hi, I'm Jas, I'll be using the beautiful Sonam Kapoor as my mascot to help you with your roleplaying needs! I specialize in Indian face claims, but I'll do my best to help you with any face claims in general.
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Anonymous SAID:
Can you help me with females who could play 15-17 and are either of middle eastern decent or look like they are?
  • Odeya Rush (17)
  • Kira Kosarin (16)
  • Sajal Ali (20)
  • Alia Bhatt (21)

I hope this helps you :)

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I’ve literally been meaning to do a follow forever since I hit my first hundred followers last year, but never managed to get around to it. However, I reached 1000 1050  followers and I’m so happy and so grateful and finally decided to make one. I’m honestly so thankful for each and every one of your follows and reblogs and I wish I could talk to all of you because you’re all so special. 

Okay so first of all these people are literally my favorite human beings ever. 

❀ chanelservice Chanel you’re literally my bestest friend on the entire planet. We met around four months ago on that roleplay but it feels as though I’ve known you for years and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. You make me laugh so hard and you’ve changed me into a different person, much more carefree that’s for sure, and you taught me how to swear, which is fucking awesome. You’re my mom idk why I call you that but I just did one day and it stuck. I love you so so much, I’m forever grateful we met. 
❀ ohmrpresident Babe you are one of my best friends on here. I was checking before writing this and we met a couple months before I turned fourteen and I’m sixteen now, turning seventeen in May! You are so talented, I have honestly never roleplayed with someone as talented as you and your plot twists continue to amaze me because they are literally the best thing ever. You’re so funny and clever and I still to this day mean to skype you and as soon as you read this, I swear we will. I can’t wait to join another roleplay with you and see what we come up with. I love you so much jfc. 
❀ uberhaxorsnova jesus christ i will never know how to spell  your url. Anywaaay it’s been ages since we’ve talked and it hurts my heart because we were literally the closest friends ever. We were only in one roleplay together and I honestly would not change anything about our two characters because to this day they still make me cry. You’re amazing and beautiful and remember that one time we video skyped and read smut you had written hahaha we were so duumb. We’ve known eachother for nearly 3 years now which is insane. Ilysfm. 
❀ uhrps: Jenn baaabe we’ve only been talking a little while but you’re hilarious, I honestly think you’re high 99% of the time. You’re such a weird kid i worry about u ok. You make me laugh so hard and even though I keep swearing at u i s2g i love u. 
❀ abbeyofrp: abbey you are the cutest human being on the planet. You are so so sweet and nice and you’re very talented and if we ever meet I will buy you a whole store full of sims stuff but your mom would probably kill me because you’re waaay too obsessed already js. love u baby.
❀ rejectofrp: Mooorgan you must hate me by now since I suck at replying to our gorgeous 1x1 and to kik but you are so so sweet and nice and patient and so dedicated you make me cry when we roleplay together and i know i keep saying we have to pick it up again well this time i actually mean it kk. ilysm 

Pretty sure I missed loads of people I used to talk to, and I really want to talk to you still so hmu.

And then the rest of you wonderful people that light up my entire dash. 

2spooky4rph 5sosofrpc acetrainerrps addieofrp addykanerps adeleofrp adelerps alicatofrp allanarps alliaofrph allydiasrph allyofrps alyssaofrps anastasiarph andromedahelps aphroditesrp astridrps athenaofrp audreyofrps avarps barbaraofrps barbararps bbyofrp beautyrps beccarpt bekahofrp bella-rps benzofrps bettrps biebshelps billieofrps blondieofrp boofrp briassists bpiercerps bramrps brunettesofrph caitofrph calumwrites camirper candyrph carterassists casanovawrites cheekyofrps choltrps ciararph cille-rp claflinrp clairesrph conarofrps corahalesrp corydiawrites crissbuttrps cuteofrp daniellrps daniharperrps ddlovatosrps dev1x1 edsheeranrps elliotofrps elsaannahelps emiliaofrps emilyassists evansyrps evansyhelp fabitchrps fivesosofrph flameofrps floralrph flowerqueenofrp foxrps frankiehelps furyofrps gabeofrp gaysrph gemmastylesassists glitzyrps gomezservice haileyroleplays halesrph harryofrph harrysofrp harryofrps hartbigrps hawkeyehelps heezusofrp hispanicrph hollandsrps hrryofrps jaymetalks jemmarps jennaroleplays jessihelps kassiassists katieofrp katietalksrp kelofrp kenzaofrph kittycatrps kittyhudsonrps knightsofrph koalofrp kristenrps larissahelps larryofrpg lauriofrp lenaofrp lettyrps lexaofrp liam-rps lilylunawrites lilys-rph lisbugrph livyofrps louisassists lucyhalerps lydsofrp maggotrps magicwrites maliofrp malikmanips malikofrp mandsrps mandyrph maureenofrp meggozofrps merakirps milakhelps minajofrph missrabbitofrps momsenrph morkierps nanirps nastiarps nelliezuswrites neverlandofrph newgirlofrph nialler1x1s nymphadorahelps olsenwrites onceuponarph paigeofrp phoelleyrps poseyofrph pucktanahelps punkrph queenrps rachelxberryrps rachiebrps redpandarps rejectrps reynoldsrph rianrps rosierph rphelper sapphireroleplays saralancerps sellylovesrp seltalksrp shanrp shayofrp shelleyofrps shutupofrp sluttyrph solashofrp sonamhelps sophiasrph sophrpc spidermanwrites spiritrps sprayberryrps staliarps stilesstilinskirps summerslayrps swanofrph sweetdarkprincess swiftroleplays tabithalynnrps tayellaofrph taylorps tayofrph thebansheewrites tiffanyassists tiffofrph tommoassists tonkinofrps trashrps treeganrps ts1x1 unpopularants valentinarps washingtonofrp whitneyrps whoalucas writingmalik xtinahelpsyou xtinarph zalfieassists zarrys1x1s zendallofrp zoella-rps zoeroleplays zoeyrps zoeyrph

Thank y’all so much!! i love u all babes

thank you!! congrats!

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Anonymous SAID:
Hello! I'm just letting you know that some of the people listed on your "female japanese fcs" masterlist, like Lee Jooyeon and Im Jin Ah, are actually South Korean, not Japanese.

thank you for letting me know :)

I’ve also updated the ages on that list.

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Anonymous SAID:
Hello, my dear! I'm here for some FC Help! Can you suggest me some ones who can play the "cute girl" role? The age range would be 17 - 22, nothing too strict. Preferably brunette, but I could use a blonde too! Thank you so much!
  • Maia Mitchell (21)
  • Selena Gomez (22)
  • Ariel Winter (16)
  • India Eisley (21)
  • Ariana Grande (21)
  • Hailee Steinfeld (17)
  • Victoria Justice (21)
  • Mollee Gray (23)
  • Dakota Fanning (20)
  • Abigail Breslin (18)
  • Chloe Grace Moretz (17)

I hope this helps you! :)

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Anonymous SAID:
If I were to make an RP of exclusively Indian FCs, how likely is it to succeed? And would you join, if it did exist?

There have been a few exclusively Indian/Bollywood rpgs in the past but they’ve tended to fizzle out after a few months. That being said, they did have quite a few applicants so I think it could do well with the right Admins.

I haven’t joined any rpgs for the past year or so and that’s unlikely to change because I need to focus on school right now. However, I’ll still be around on this blog if you need any help and you can submit as many promo’s to me as you want because I would love for a group like that to be successful. :)

Anonymous SAID:
Hi! Could you please suggest some female fcs in their late teens-twenties who could play a flirty character? I'd really appreciate your help <3
  • Sasha Pieterse (18)
  • Alia Bhatt (21)
  • Caitlin Stasey (24)
  • Ashley Benson (24)
  • Keke Palmer (21)
  • Shailene Woodley (22)
  • Bella Thorne (16)
  • Hailee Steinfield (17)

I hope this helps you! :)

Anonymous SAID:
I'm making an rp, and I wanted to add more latinos and I was wondering if it would be okay to add fc that are lesser known, that come from spanish novelas? Or is that a bad idea?

I think that’s great and I would definitely encourage it! The only problem is that they’re less known and don’t have so many gifs which means that people are less likely to apply for them. 

You should add a few into your rpg anyway and see how they do. You could also try to find some gifs and make a gif hunt with them, or you could make a ‘resources blog’ to reblog any gifs you can find to. This will encourage people to apply for those characters. :)

Anonymous SAID:
Who could you see as a younger Selena Gomez, around 8 or 9?

Sorry this took a while, I’ve been trying really hard to find suitable fcs but it’s difficult to find any that are the right ethnicity.

These are a few that I think could pass but they may not be ethnically accurate.

  • Lauren Boles (11) could pass as younger
  • Larissa Vouloukos (i couldn’t find an age)

I’m sorry I couldn’t find more.

If anyone has any more suggestions please add to this post!

EDIT:love-helps said: I mean you might as well just use Selena from that age… - (this is the best idea. I would do that if I were you.)

bombalurima SAID:
Hello! Could you possibly give me some sibling suggestions for Ashika Pratt? Thank you!
  • Naomi Scott (21)
  • Anjli Mohindra (24)
  • Deepika Padukone (28)
  • Suraj Sharma (21)
  • Varun Dhawan (27)
  • Dev Patel (24)

I think all of them would work well. I hope this helped you. :)

Anonymous SAID:
Hi omg your blog has helped me so much. I was wondering who could be a best friend (similarity in fashion and whatnot) with an Andy Biersack FC.
  • Ben Bruce (22)
  • Oli Sykes (27)
  • Christofer Drew (23)
  • James Cassels (24)
  • Lights (Valerie Anne Poxleitner) (27)
  • Hayley Williams (24)

I hope this helps you! :)